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Free glassware you can keep sparkling

We believe the best glassware should receive the best care. That’s why we’ve partnered with Finish and Villeroy & Boch to deliver complete protection for your glass collection. Simply register your details with us and include your receipt. We’ll then deliver, free of charge, 90 Finish Quantum dishwasher tablets and 4 Purismo Villeroy & Boch wine glasses. See full terms and conditions below.

Claim your discount

All you need to do is register your oven. Then we'll send you an email with your discount code and the full terms and conditions. The code will be redeemable in our webshop on selected accessories.

Better baking

Try our baking tray - it has perforations to boost the effect of the steam 

Jätke hüvasti veeplekkidega

Electroluxi uus AirDry tehnoloogia avab automaatselt nõudpesumasina pesutsükli viimases faasis. See on loomulik  moodus saada maksimaalselt tõhus puhastustulemus  vähendades samas veeplekke ja energiakulusid. Nüüd saate olla kindel, et nõud on täiesti kuivad (ja plekitud), kui need kappi panete.

Wash for free with AEG & Lenor

At AEG, we want you to get the softest results from your new machine as quickly as possible. That’s why we’ve partnered with Ariel & Lenor to give you up to 100 washes for free when you purchase selected models. Simply register your details and include your receipt. We’ll then deliver, free of charge, enough detergent and fabric softener for at least 50 or 100 loads, depending on the model purchased.